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Updated: Jan 17

How much do you love smoothie? Probably not much….. And I understand you…. Sometimes, those green looking stuff don’t look tasty at all even though they are very healthy for your body.

But, would you beleive that I can make you change your mind? Yes!!! I am about to share a tasty and easy smoothie recipe you will want to drink every morning from now on.

Tropical Oatmeal Strawberry Smoothie

Back in days, I also use to complain about smoothies. It was almost like a punishment my parents would gave me if I didn’t do my homeworks or if I didn’t learn my lesson well…. Okay, let’s not be too drastic…. lol…. I would perhaps treat smoothies like a medicine because the one I tended to see most of the time were those green things that I would try but wouldn’t taste good….. at all…..

Then, I started reading and mixing things to my own taste and i discovered the secret: It’s to have fun!!!

You don’t need to be a pro at this. In fact, tons of fruits can add the tasty flavor you’re looking for like:


They have a cute shape which almost reminds us of an heart… They are pack with nutrients and specially vitamin C. They taste absolutely delicious and can blend in almost anything for extra taste.


Loaded with potassium, they have a beautiful yellow color when they are ready to be used that will remind you of summer. They also help with your digestive system which is a plus considering the fact that our body doesn’t always agree with all those crazy stuff we’re eating each and everyday.


Yes! You won’t believe in how many dish I add this super healthy grain. It is packed with vitamins, nutrients, minerals and specially fibers which is very beneficial for your digestive system just like the bananas.

Switch to Almond Milk instead of regular milk if you can:

You’re probably allergic to dairy or you may just think you are….. until you decide to try the delicious Almond milk in everything you’re doing. You will realize that it may cause less bloating, less digestive problems in general. The plus? It already has it’s own sugar so you may not need to add extra if you’re using it.


So exotic, so appealing, so tasty and so unique. Mango reminds us of a nice summer afternoon seating in our backyard eating and enjoying our family while the sun is still there but not too high in the sky for the weather to be too hot.

It makes us feel so young and so beautiful that we cannot forget about it even when fall and winter comes. And with spring on it’s way, we already see this yellowish fruit pack with vitamin C making it’s grand entrance again in our kitchen.


– Half frozen ripped mango

– 1 cup of boiled oatmeal ( refrigerated overnight)

– 10 frozen strawberries

– Half ripped banana

– 2 cups of Almond Milk (the amount also depends on how liquid you want your Smoothie to be)

– 1 Teaspoon of sugar

-A pinch of salt

Tips: I froze my fruits overnight because I like using real fruits with all their natural nutrients.


– Put everything together and Just start mixing slowly. And once you are sure that the frozen fruits are crushed, speed the process.

There you Go! In less 5 than minutes, your smoothie is ready!

Serve it cold and Enjoy!

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